Eileen Kilgore

The world is upside down. We are living in a time in which truth is considered relative and God is being eroded from our culture. These two things are inexorably linked, because Jesus Christ is the only truth.

Every day I see examples of how the world is embracing darkness instead of the light of the Lord. In our “anything goes” mentality, there is little room for right and wrong. Instead it is about what makes a person “happy” and what is pleasing to the flesh.

Jesus told us this would happen. The Bible is replete with warnings about what happens when we live by what is right in our own eyes. A morality defined by man is no morality, because it will shift according to what a particular person or leader believes. Because we are all inherently flawed and prone to sin, we do not know what is best for us or best for society. Only God knows this, which is why He set the standard for truth, love, justice, right and wrong.

Our loving Father equipped us with a conscience, an ability to hear the whisperings of the Holy Spirit guiding us to truth. Yet as our world has rejected God, so has it rejected all the goodness He provides. And once we reject goodness, we begin to embrace evil.

There is one truth, one God, the Lord Jesus Christ. There is one way to eternal life–belief in Jesus Christ. This is the inerrant truth that needs to be communicated to as many people as possible, defended against those who strive to obliterate it and applied like a salve to wounded people all over the world.

This is why I am writing: to share the truth of Jesus Christ so that as many people as possible can be saved before he returns. To communicate his message by relating some of my own experiences and thoughts.

The world may be upside down, but those of us who are believers have been adopted into the Lord’s family. We may be in this world but we are also apart from it. We eagerly await our next, glorious life–the eternal one with Jesus Christ.

While we wait, let’s live right side up.